Home Elevator and Home Lift

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Our home elevators (home lift) are designed with the most advanced winding and lift technologies to make each run smooth, steady, and safe. With precision components, a quiet operation, and straight-line run capability, our home elevator (home lift) ensure safety and comfort for your family for many years. Our Home Elevator will enhance your building design and enrich the experience of moving between floors. Packed with unique home elevator features, it's the smart choice of our home lift for your buildings which attract residents and impress visitors. Our home elevator is manufactured and designed to blend in with the exterior architecture of your home, making it virtually disappear Our Home elevators have become more durable, affordable, reliable, and functional with the latest advances in technology.
Our home lift do not require a large area for installation and make use of every available space. Overall a home elevator ( home lift) can give you comfort and safety with its quiet operation capability and you will enjoy our quiet operation, quick installation, and smooth ride. With our home elevator (home lift) we will provide you the best solution for your needs at an affordable price. We have all of the information that you need to choose the home elevator that fits best your needs. Contact us today.
Home Lift Gearless Traction Machine
Capacity: 399 Kg
Speed: 0.4mps
Maximum Static Load: 1300 kg
Maximum Travel: 12 meters with 2:1 roping

Capacity Speed Motor Pole Power Source Current Rated Torque Frequency Motor Speed Sheave Spec (mm)
(Kg) (m/s) (m/s) 20 (VAC) (A) (NM) (Hz) (RPM) Dia Rop# ΓΈ Pitch
450 0.40 1.1 20 380 3.5 138 12.7 76 200 4 8 12
450 0.40 1.1 220 3.5 138 12.7 76 200 4 8 12
  • Travel comfortably to every floor at a speed of 0.4 m/s.
  • Give elderly and dependent people the freedom to move from floor to floor without using the stairs
  • Ironbird Mini is compact and facilitates elevators with a minimum of space and civil work.
  • Ironbird Mini operates on single-phase 230v domestic supply.
  • Ironbird Mini is silent; it uses no oil, reduces power consumption and is also eco-friendly.
  • Does not require regular machine room arrangement for installation and three phase power supply for its operation.