Home Elevator and Home Lift

We are the most reliable manufacturer of home lift and home elevators. It is a truly modern product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and tastes at an affordable cost. These hydraulic home elevators are heavy-duty elevators build for frequent, long term use.
Home Lift Gearless Traction Machine
Capacity: 399 Kg
Speed: 0.4mps
Maximum Static Load: 1300 kg
Maximum Travel: 12 meters with 2:1 roping

Capacity Speed Motor Pole Power Source Current Rated Torque Frequency Motor Speed Sheave Spec (mm)
(Kg) (m/s) (m/s) 20 (VAC) (A) (NM) (Hz) (RPM) Dia Rop# ΓΈ Pitch
450 0.40 1.1 20 380 3.5 138 12.7 76 200 4 8 12
450 0.40 1.1 220 3.5 138 12.7 76 200 4 8 12
  • Travel comfortably to every floor at a speed of 0.4 m/s.
  • Give elderly and dependent people the freedom to move from floor to floor without using the stairs
  • Ironbird Mini is compact and facilitates elevators with a minimum of space and civil work.
  • Ironbird Mini operates on single-phase 230v domestic supply.
  • Ironbird Mini is silent; it uses no oil, reduces power consumption and is also eco-friendly.
  • Does not require regular machine room arrangement for installation and three phase power supply for its operation.