Iron Bird elevators manufacture High-end compact passenger elevators that have been developed with the perfect blend of safety associated with usability, innovative and flexible design. We manufacture all types of passenger elevators of different capacities, speeds, and also we offer different types of cabins using material such as M.S., S.S., Aluminum, etc. Our experienced team with extensive knowledge of the elevators in the industry design the Passenger lift with the usage of certified raw materials in the manufacturing gives you the full assurance of the product and makes the ride quality to be smooth and convenient at every time. We enhance every aspect of the elevator in a much stylish way for the comfort of our customers

The benefits of Ironbird Passenger Elevators/Lifts:
  • Our passenger elevators are manufacture with the latest electronic component for minimum and easy maintenance.
  • This system has microcomputer lift controls to provide exact speed with effortless travel and perfect leveling. In addition to this overall power-saving up to 70% during normal condition.
  • They are extremely space-efficient. These passenger lifts are Machine-room-less (MRL) lifts and meet the aesthetic requirement of the building.
  • This system gives you an indication of the cabin overload. Our lifts are manufactured and sold under trained manpower, field support, and are delivered at the correct time.
  • If you are on the lookout for an efficient high-performance passenger lift at an affordable price, we provided you with high-quality lifts for your service and innovate your lifestyle.